What To Do Before Traveling To Turkey?

If you want to travel to Turkey and make the most of your trip, then there are some essential things to keep in mind before you go. Turkey is an amazing country full of vibrant cultures, breathtaking scenery, and delicious food, so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. From making sure you have the right documentation to understanding the culture and customs, here are some important things to do before your trip to Turkey so you can have the time of your life!

Research the Culture: Learn About the Customs and Traditions in Turkey

Before traveling to Turkey, it is important to research the culture and learn about the customs and traditions that are unique to the country. From the food they eat, to the way they dress, to the way they interact with each other, Turkey has a unique culture that is best appreciated and respected. Doing your research will help you feel more comfortable in Turkey, and also help you to show proper respect for the locals. It is also important to stay open-minded and be willing to try new things, as this can be a great way to learn about the culture and make lasting memories.

Get Vaccinated: Make Sure You Have the Necessary Immunizations

As an 18 year old, I’m super excited to go to Turkey! Before I go, I need to make sure I’m fully prepared, especially when it comes to immunizations. I know all the necessary immunizations to get vaccinated for before traveling. I’ll need to get the regular flu shot, and also the hepatitis A and B vaccines. I need to make sure that I’m up-to-date on my MMR and Tdap vaccinations as well. If I’m planning to spend a lot of time in rural areas, it’s also a good idea to get vaccinated for rabies and meningitis. I’ll be sure to check with my doctor before I go to make sure I’m all set!

Organize Your Travel Documents: Check the Requirements for Visas, Passports and Other Documentation

Before I travel to Turkey, it’s important to make sure I have all the necessary documents. That means, first and foremost, checking the visa requirements and making sure my passport is up to date. I should also make copies of my passport, identification and other important documents and store them separately from the originals. It’s also a good idea to bring a backup credit card and some extra cash, just in case. Finally, I should double-check the expiry dates and make sure all my documents are valid for the duration of my trip.

Set Up a Budget: Prepare Your Finances for Your Trip

Before I head off to Turkey, I want to make sure I’m financially prepared. Setting up a budget for my trip is important – I want to make sure I have enough money for the duration of my stay. I must also take into account all the expenses I could encounter, like flights, food, accommodation, transportation, visas, and souvenirs. To stay on track, I will make sure to budget and plan ahead so I’m not overspending while I’m there. Planning ahead will also help me make the most of my time and money while I’m there.

Plan Your Itinerary: Decide What You Want to See and Do in Turkey

Planning your itinerary for your trip to Turkey is essential. If you’re a 18-year-old student, you have the opportunity to explore the amazing country, take in the culture and make memories that will last a lifetime. Decide what you want to see and do in Turkey and make sure you plan enough time to do it all. A few must-dos are to visit the historic sites like the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia. Shopping in the Grand Bazaar and exploring the Turkish baths are also great experiences. If you’re into outdoor activities, be sure to check out the Mount Nemrut and its breathtaking views, as well as Cappadocia’s amazing valleys and hot air balloon rides. You may also want to take a boat trip down the Bosporus and get a taste of the delicious Turkish cuisine. Make sure you plan your trip carefully and don’t miss out on any of the amazing things Turkey has to offer!

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